Oral History Interviews : 

We treasure the memories and stories that our residents are sharing with us. Our current project of oral history collections is broadening our knowledge of life in Forest Range and Lenswood in days past. Memories are wonderful to share and we appreciate the time and openness of our interviewees.  We are aware that memory is a personal thing. You and I might remember the same event quite differently. We therefore guide anyone listening to these stories that you are listening to memories, not viewing the results of an in-depth evidence-based historical review.

    • Click here to see our summaries and link to the recordings.  Please provide us with feedback.
    • 1967 – recording  (Mark Frost, Max Vickers, Harry Rowley, Fred Rowley (Snr), Fred Rowley (Jnr), Ken Caldicott, Len Stafford – interviewed by Ivan Probert, recorded by Peter Stafford) – more coming soon

If you would like to share your memories of the district, or know someone who may, please email us at lfrlocalhistory@gmail.com


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